Pickup and Delivery

We deliver to Laramie and nearby areas on Tuesday and Friday of every week while the Laramie Farmer's Markets are not running.

We deliver to Centennial Thursday and Friday of every week until Farmer's Markets begin as well.

While the Thursday and Friday Farmer's Markets are going (June - September) items will be available for pickup at our Farmer's Market Booth.

If you cannot make it to a Farmer's Market to pick up products, let us know and we can work something out.

Orders for delivery and pickup must be placed at least 24 hours prior to the desired delivery day to guarantee delivery on that day.

All meat is sold frozen and all eggs are kept at 45 degrees F maximum to ensure food safety.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Opportunities to Join the Zero-Waste Mission

If you are interested in bringing us your food waste to close the loop on your own sustainable eating habits, contact us.

We will have a setup for receiving food waste at the 2020 Farmer's Markets, and we also have a local Green-Waste Free Drop-Site Trailer that is parked downtown during the Spring/Summer/Fall months (April - November) for your Garden Waste and other biodegradable materials that our animals can help cycle back into the local ecosystem for you.

We ask that you separate out meat products from the rest or do not include them at all in your donated food waste as we strive to never feed our animals meat of the same species. Pigs have stomachs much like ours and along with chickens can digest and make good use of meat, but we want to avoid the risk of feeding pork to pigs and chicken to chickens for ethical reasons and as a biosecurity measure.


Our dogs on the other hand (we currently have 5 of them) are hard-working team members who appreciate  meat products of all kinds regardless of edible species.