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TOTW Sustainable Giving Guide

Happy Holidays!

Do you struggle with the materialism of the holidays?

So do we!

When you are trying to live a life that reduces your environmental impact it's hard to fathom buying more and more stuff for the ones you love.

We have been doing a lot of thinking on this and we want to share some of our ideas with you.

So, here is the list of things we will be getting for our loved ones this year:

A Giftcard to a Local Business- Supporting local businesses in our community is a sure-fire sustainability move for our community. If we want to build community, and keep the people and products we value in a community, what better way than to give a loved one the chance to support a local business we care about.

Pair of Wool Overalls from Revivall Clothing- 100% Women owned and operated, Laura uses reclaimed fabric to design clothes made to keep up with the Hardworking Woman. Supporting small businesses with values we can get behind is not only a great gift, but a positive societal action.

Bidet- I don't know about you, but we sure get tired of using so much paper in your life? Our country's hygienic practices are quite odd when compared to most other countries in the world. Check out bidets online and consider this paper-saving paradigm shift in the bathroom of yourself or someone you love.

Re-Usable Bags- Shopping Bags, Produce Bags, Tote-Bags, Food Storage Containers Etc.- Let me suggest the idea of using some of your own trash to create these. Did you know you can knit, crochet, or weave plastic bags that are no longer usable into more robust bags that will last longer and keep trash out of the landfill? Know someone crafty? Put together a kit for someone you love to assemble their own re-usable bags from their own garbage. A kit like this might include jumbo knitting needles or crochet hooks (look for used ones or ones made out of materials like bamboo to score more sustainability points!), patterns, books, youtube videos, blogs, or pinterest boards that outline projects you can make out of the chunky "plarn" that we can make out of plastic bags and other upcycled garbage. Here is an example of a link you can include in the kit:

DIY Books for Making Commonly Needed Supplies for the Home- Share the gift of knowledge and power in our own personal life. Simply google DIY Sustainable Book and the results are profound!

A Reusable H2O Bottle- There are always plenty of these to pick from at the used store! Get one for your friend to keep in their car, one for their purse or backpack, one for their workplace. Why not give the gift of eliminating a waste stream from someone's life?

Reusable To-Go Silverware- Along the same lines as a reusable water bottle, plasticware is an unnecessary waste stream in our lives. There are now some pretty neat little knife-spoon-and-fork-in-ones made out of materials like bamboo. Durable, but biodegradable- a gift you can really get behind!

Wooden Toothbrushes- There are a couple of different kinds on the market now. And you could give them a small box of baking soda to go with it so they don't have to buy another un-recycleable tube of toothpaste.

A CSA Subscription- Access to local produce is growing by the day. What if you could purchase locally-produced food for someone you love? Often, CSA subscriptions come with delivery at least to a drop-point. If you subscribe yourself and a friend or family member, you might even be able to trade off who picks up your routine food box! This is a gift to yourself, to your loved one and to your community!

Seeds- Are you a fan of growing plants? Do you save your own seeds or do you know of varieties that do well in your area? What about giving a neighbor some seeds from your garden? The Albany County Library has a seed library that you may want to take advantage of for this purpose- to add the community element into your gift. For some super sustainability points, maybe you can offer these seeds with a personal garden anecdote in a nice homemade card made out of recycled junk mail and packaging materials!

An Experience- If you are like us, you value memories above possessions. What better thing to give in the present and future than an experience. Consider an experience in Agro-Tourism. Wyoming and the inter-mountain-west has bountiful. One example is E&H Guide Service. They offer Trail-Rides and Cattle-Drives on Horseback Experiences that allow participants to be a part of the ranch operations, ask questions and enjoy the scenery and horses. You can also check out Air-BnB Experience for a large variety of opportunities sorted by category.

Food- A major element to cultures around the world is food. There is a deep meaning to sharing food with people that we love. Who doesn't love to get a basket full of food with everything it takes to prepare a favorite dish- read-to-go!? How special would it be if all the ingredients were sourced sustainably? Try it out! Put together a box of locally grown and sustainably-sourced ingredients to make one of your favorite recipes- and include the recipe and maybe a written letter explaining the personal/emotional value of the recipe as part of the gift!

A Note About Quality- We all use stuff in our lives- it is an inevitable truth. Because we must use stuff to do the things we do consider the quality and lifetime of these things before you buy them. Something that lasts 20 years will serve someone you love better and will bring much more joy that something only built to last a couple of months.

We hope this has helped spark some sustainable gift ideas that you can feel good about for the people you care about.

Tag us in your sustainable gift ideas with #tasteofthewind We can't wait to see what you guys are giving this year!

Happy Holidays!!!

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