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Puppies, Jerky, and my Interview with Bridger Rardin

How was your week?

I hope it was great!

Ours was very great!

Poa our female Livestock Guardian Dog, had her puppies!

I would be lying to you if I told you they were cute... I really don't like how newborn puppies look, sound or smell... at all!

It's ok, you can laugh at me... but every person I know who has raised entire litters of puppies feels the same.

A new batch of puppies means yet another dog (or in this case 10 dogs!!!) in the house, and a whole lot of noise- which means not much sleep for Chris and me for the next few of weeks. Oh boy...!

But it is all worth it to be able to add another quality guardian to our workforce here on the farm!

I am excited for the day that we wean the puppies off of their mom- already.

When these helpless, stinky, globs of whining, blind, deaf, obnoxiously-loud, fluff, become contributing members of our farm family- that stage when dogs find the work that they were born to do- that is my favorite part of raising dogs.

But, most folks tend to enjoy puppy photos, so here are some for you to enjoy!

If you want to borrow this litter of pups anytime, let me know!!!

In other exciting news...

We finally got our first batch of Beef Jerky and Snack Sticks back from 307 Meat Company!

These are made from Longhorn beef raised on the Balzan Ranch, in Wheatland, WY. You may remember Blake and Helen from their interview in my email a couple of weeks ago.

I have already sent out several orders and the feedback has been great! Everyone seems to love the flavor and tenderness of these Grass-Finished Beef Snacks so far- even Chris!

If you know my husband Chris at all, you know I use him as a litmus test for many foods because he can be quite *selective*. He is my greatest critic, and I love and trust him for it!

He even asked me, "How much do these cost, because I will be eating a lot of them, and I want to pay the business for them!"

I got a kick out of that!

You can order these Chris Approved Snack Sticks Here and the Jerky Here

Unlike most of our products, I can ship these out on Tuesdays AND Fridays because they are not considered "Perishable."

On to my Interview and my Second Podcast Episode!

Last week, I sat down with Bridger Rardin of Rardin Beef, and asked him a series of questions for the podcast.

It is so funny to interview folks I have known for a while.

I have noticed that I tend to assume I know so much about my friends, even though I know I have yet to ask them every single question in existence, and I have probably have not heard some of their stories...

Interviewing my Beef-Ranching Friends for this series has allowed me to understand them even better in the context of their lives and their passions.

Thank you for giving me the excuse to get to know these amazing people even better!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Bridger, it has a surprisingly different angle than Blake and Helen, and even a different angle than Ed Sigel took, even though Bridger and his family are essentially working towards a lot of similar goals.

I found his answers to the questions very relatable and inspiring because his family owns no land, yet they have found a way to build their operation in a brilliant and flexible, yet stable way. The Rardins have turned the hurdle of not owning any land into an asset that allows his family to run their operation free of massive financial burdens that most current ranchers have. That's incredibly encouraging to me (because Chris and I currently don't own any land either)!

I know there are a few of you who follow what we do- who are yearning to jump into Ag, but you don't have any current means to do so. I hope Bridger's outlook is inspiring to you and lends you some ideas you can maybe use and adapt to your own situation for your own pursuits in Agriculture.

Let me know what you think!

Listen to the Podcast Episode with his interview HERE.

Beef Slots are filling up, so don't wait to reserve yours for 2022!

We will Not have any Bulk Beef Packages available after March 1st.

In fact, we won't have more slots available for our bulk beef again until we open them up for 2023...

You can make sure you have beef for 2022 by reserving your Bulk Beef Package HERE.

Why Bulk Beef?

With the rising costs of living, who knows what we are in for with conventional supply-chain beef from the grocery store?

Do you know what it feels like to have a full freezer of high-quality meat in your home so you don't have to worry about the price or the availability of beef at the store?

Lois and her granddaughter Taelor

Check out what our customer Lois S. in Laramie, Wyoming has to say about it:

"Purchasing from local producers is an AMAZING feeling of security! We get all of our produce, eggs, dairy, and meat from local producers and we can ALWAYS get what we need. I'm worried about all of the food recalls we have had with foods in stores and restaurants. Why would I take these risks when we can support GOOD people in our community and get safer food instead?

When we buy from local farms and ranches like Taste of the Wind, we know we are shaping Laramie for the better- with the food choices we make. Not to mention the sheer difference in the quality of food. You just get more when you buy local. A Chicken from Taste of the Wind goes so much farther for us than one from the grocery store. The meat is denser, more tender, and full of flavor. One chicken feeds me and Jerry (Lois's husband) for about a week!

Having products like Beef from Centennial Valley Beef in our freezer, is a huge stress reliver for me. If I'm not feeling well and I can't make it to the store, I don't have to! I don't have to go to the store when the roads aren't good in the Winter and I don't have to worry about shortages at the store either.

Oh, and the adventures we have already had with our smoker in our apartment! If we can have a freezer full of meat in our small place, so can anyone. You just can't buy all of these things in a food product all at once anywhere- except from our local farms and ranches. It's so, very, worth it!"

With your 2022 Bulk Beef Packages Comes:

-Food Security

-Health that Starts with Nutrition

-Exceptional Quality

-Flavor and Tenderness


-Community Connection

You get all of this when you reserve your Bulk Beef Package by March 1st, from Taste of the Wind in 2022.

I'm not sure where else you can get all these things by purchasing amazing food.

At least for now, you sure can't find this at the grocery store...

Want to join our community of folks taking advantage of all of these benefits?

Reserve your Bulk Beef Package HERE.

Never tried our beef before?

Grab your Beef Sample Variety Pack HERE.

Don't Forget!!!

Valentines Day is just around the corner!

​ What says I love you more than a box full of sugar-packed, teeth rotting, insulin-spiking, variety-pack of chocolate candies shipped from another country?

​ Or how about a bouquet of balloons that will add materials that will take hundreds of years to break down, to your local landfill??

​ Or maybe some bags of chalky, heart-shaped candies whose flavor is reminiscent of Pepto-Bismol??? ​

Yes! These ought to demonstrate real love to that special someone on your mind...

But in case these items just don't fit the bill for you, we have put together a little something for you to send instead.

​ Want to get that someone you love a Valentine's Day Gift they don't have to feel guilty about?

​ ​Check out our Valentine's Day Beef Box!

​ This gift just keeps on giving... this box contains enough beef for 5 beef dinners for two!

Plus, we give you 5 fancy, yet easy-to-prepare recipes so you don't have to rack your brain, brave the internet, or flip through that old cookbook to think of special meals to cook your significant other on Valentine's Week!

​ The hardest choice you will have to make is, which recipe should I make first???

​ ​These ship out Feb. 8th so they will arrive in time for a week's worth of Home-Cooked, Valentine's Day Themed Dinners you and your loved-one can feel great about!

Our Valentine's Day Dinner Box includes:

-5 lbs of Grass Finished Ground Beef

-2 Beautiful and Tender Grass-Finished Ribeye Steaks

-2 Lean-Yet-Bold Grass-Finished New York Steaks

-5 Romantic-Beef-Dinner-for-2 Recipes to enjoy with a loved one

-A Set of 5 Farm-Themed Valentine's Day Cards from Taste of the Wind

Get Your Valentine's Day Beef Box HERE

Want a Snack-Pack-Sized Version of our Valentine's Day Gift Box?

Send your loved one a Will You 'Beef' my Valentine? Mini-Gift Bundle

Our Valentine's Day Mini-Gift Bundle includes:

-3 Packs of Snack Sticks

-2 Packs of Jerky

-5 Farm-Themed Valentines Day Cards

Get Your Valentine's Day Mini-Gift Bundle HERE

I hope you have another great week!

Next week I have a podcast lined up for you about How To Encapsulate Organ Meats (So you can take them like a vitamin supplement) at Home, with @TaraIsaacsMeadows on Instagram.

I'm so excited to learn about this process!!! I hope you are too!

If you have any questions for Tara, please reply to this email with them so I can ask them in my interview with her tomorrow!

Until next time...

-Chris, BJ, and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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