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Our 2022 Pastured- Kitchen Meat CSA Share Goes Live Nov 1st at 12AM!

Last week I got the final confirmations from my fellow producers that we are all set up to supply our community with a 2022 Taste of the Wind Pastured Kitchen- Meat Share CSA!

I'm sooooo excited for this if you can't tell. Two massive needs in our community are converging to solve two massive issues affecting so many families!

I just love it when things come together for good.

Issue #1- Rising grocery store prices and talk of empty shelves at the stores-yet again- this coming winter are leaving a lot of families feeling a bit unnerved. I'm excited to help abate this fear with my team of local farmers and ranchers. Rain or shine, we don't stop raising food, and we have got your back!

Issue #2- Land and fuel prices are just INSANE right now, meanwhile cattle prices are still at record lows, yet hay prices seem to still be on the rise every week. Ranchers can only tough it out so long before something has got to give. In fact, two family ranches in the Centennial Valley listed huge portions of their land for sale this year. It was a smack in the face for all of us who know these families well, and I can't help but wonder what people like the folks who bought those pieces of land- will eat, if Ranch and Farm land continues to become vacation-home subdivisions...

In addition to this concern, it is heartbreaking to see multigenerational farmers and ranchers loose parts or even all of their families' places... the memories, the history, and the ties to the land that their families homesteaded decades and some even over a century ago. It has left a lot of us in the community feeling powerless, and I'm sure not planning to sit back and watch this process continue until Agriculture no longer has a presence in this place that we love.

So I have rounded up a group of fabulous, hard-working, genuine, and caring producers who have the very same goals as we do, and we all came up with a plan...

Bridger Rardin (co-owner of Rardin Beef in Laramie, Wyoming) with his favorite Highland Cow- 'Roja'

I am especially excited for this opportunity to guarantee local farmers and ranchers a price for their product that they can live on, and to supply food to our community in a way that eliminates extra costs, extra fuel emissions, unnecessary food additives, and to promote good quality of life for the animals we work with, to improve access to clean and healthy food, and to encourage regenerative land management in our own Ecosystem here in Southeast Wyoming.

With the help of this community of people who want to eat right, and this community of ranchers and farmers who want to raise food right and get it into the hands of folks who need it, all of this is possible in addition to our original Taste of the Wind goals of Fighting Hunger, Reducing Waste, and Ensuring Food Security for our community.

Needless to say, the promise of 2022 has me pretty excited to serve in bigger ways than I have ever been able to before.

Want to join me in this mission?

I thought so.

Here is how it's going to work:

I have planned out a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Pasture-Finished Meat share for the entire year for folks who want to go all in. What this will look like for you, is 1 box of high-quality, pastured, nutrient dense, delicious meat per month (of either 15lbs or 30lbs -you choose your quantity), along with some of our combined favorite farm and ranch recipes, anecdotes and stories from our farm and ranch community, spices, sauces, kitchen wares, and Local Farm and Ranch-Themed swag to personalize your eating experience and welcome you to our big Wyoming Farm and Ranch family in 2022.

This CSA Meat Share is set-up to help you:

  • Kickstart a healthier 2022 with wholesome, clean, products jam-packed with natural energy, flavor, and nutrition

  • Come home to healthy meals with less trips to the grocery store

  • Avoid the dreaded question, "What shall we have for dinner?"

  • Feel good about what you are eating from the inside out

  • Fight hunger and Food Waste in our very community

  • Support 5 different local family farms and ranches in Southeast Wyoming

  • Know and Trust where your food is coming from

  • Have confidence in the Honest and Pure Healthfulness of our Clean, Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free, and Steroid-Free Meats

  • Feel the relief of not worrying about price fluctuations and food availability at the grocery store

  • Get the most out of your Meat Share by choosing from multiple add-on's including lamb, local honey, local milk and/or cream, free-range eggs, and even a pets' share!

  • Cultivate a relationship and Build Trust with Local Farmers and Ranchers who grow your food

  • Feel Safe with Clean meats processed in our local USDA Inspected Processing Facility in Laramie, WY

  • Enjoy the Convenience of Free Delivery for folks who live in the State of Wyoming and Free Shipping Available for folks who live out of State

Sign up's open on our New Online Store on November 1st.

Subscribe to our 2022 TOTW Pastured-Kitchen Meat Share before Nov 15th and qualify for a

FREE Holiday Meat Variety Box delivered to your door in time to share pasture products with loved ones for the Holidays!

P.S.- CSA Shares make great gifts for folks who already have everything!

Who doesn't love gifts that are edible?

For those who are not ready to invest in a whole year's worth of meat, I will still be offering meat variety boxes with products from all of these lovely producers every month in 2022, but they won't have near the discount applied to them and shipping/delivery will also be added on to the price.

I am doing it this way because knowing what the annual harvest will look like ahead of time is a huge help for farmers and ranchers.

A little bit of forethought goes a long way in Ag, and it will certainly help these good families out while we help ourselves plan for a healthy year of eating better too!

Don't Worry! You will not have to front the cost of an entire-year's worth of meat all at once!

I have the payments spaced out so you can budget and plan accordingly:

- The first payment is in the form of a deposit, which is due by Nov 15th to qualify for the Free Holiday Meat Bundle, and Dec 15th to reserve your spot without the Free Holiday Meat Bundle.

(The deposit is less than the other 2 payments because I know how tight money can get during the holidays)

-The Second payment will be due Jan 15th

-The Third payment will be due April 15th

-The Fourth and final payment will be due August 15th

If you are willing and able to pay for the entire year up-front that is great- I will offer an even greater discount for that.

BUT I don't want a lump sum to hinder anyone who might be interested in this community-building opportunity.

Please visit this link to learn more and place your deposit for the 2022 CSA when it opens up on November 1st:

I can't wait to share what our amazing Team and their Families have worked so hard to offer you and your family!

The 2022 CSA Pastured Kitchen Meat Share Pricing:

15lb Box: Delivered 1 x Month

This box is designed for 2 people.

Deposit of $300 Due by Nov 15th to qualify for the FREE Holiday Box.

Then there will be 3 subsequent payments of $950 in January, then April, then August, and you will receive your last box at the end of 2022.

(This option saves you $688 vs Meat-Promo-Box Prices in 2022.)

25lb Box: Delivered 1 x Month

This box is designed for a family of 4.

Deposit of $1000 Due by Nov 15th to qualify for the FREE Holiday Box.

3 subsequent payments of $1297 in January, April, and August. You will receive your last box.

(This option saves you $1253 vs Meat-Promo-Box Prices in 2022.)

All boxes will include 5 recipes, farm and ranch merchandise, updates and anecdotes from your farmers/ranchers, and a special gift each month!

2022 Meat CSA Subscriptions Open Nov 1st and close Dec 15th.

More details to come in my next email about CSA Box Add-Ons and Extra Bonuses that come with Early Subscription!

Want a shot at an additional FREE Holiday Meat Bundle?

Enter our free giveaway here, no CSA Subscription needed:

Good Cluck!!!

-BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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