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Introducing Rardin Local, Grass-Finished Beef

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Have you been longing for access to quality, locally and ethically raised beef? Rardin Beef has us hooked!

Rardin Grass Finished Beef is run by a local family based out of Laramie, Wyoming and woven into our community.  Rardin Beef comes from Highland cattle born and grazed completely in the Laramie Valley on strictly grass- what cows evolved to eat.  These cattle are handled with low-stress stockmanship and are completely hormone and antibiotic free.

Rardin cattle have a quality life doing what cows do and improving land parcels while they are at it. The Rardins strive for progressive grazing techniques that improve the land with every growing season. They use their cattle herd to positively influence landscapes with intensive grazing and creative stocking rate adjustments  The Rardin's have their own "anywhere ranch" as they run their cattle on various land leases throughout the valley as the season progresses. These cattle are finished on sub-irrigated and irrigated pastures for great flavor and a wonderful and nutritious product- produced how nature intended.

Wyoming range is well known across the country for it's jam packed nutritional value when it comes to grazing livestock. Cattle producers send their cattle out west to Wyoming just to take advantage of our short, yet rich growing season on the high plains. The Rardins take full advantage of this amazing resource we have and finish their cattle on summer pastures to capture the plant variety, vitamins and nutrients just for you. We can tell you from experience, you can sure taste the quality in each juicy morsel of this beef! 

It's purely grass finished to give you the higher omega-3 to omega-6 ratio that promotes overall immune health as well as cardiovascular and brain health all while reducing inflammation. This beef is leaner than your standard corn-fed steak, which is a preference for Chris and me. When we eat grass-finished beef we can feel the difference in how easy it is for our bodies to digest. The fat that grass-finishing produces dissolves with heat and does not seem to coat our tongues like the thick white greasy fat from a standard grocery-store steak does.

Grass-finished beef lends itself to quick sears in a skillet or on a grill, or low and slow cooking as it is chock-full of flavor. This beef doesn't need to be cooked to death to highlight its quality nutrition and taste. Rather, this meat deserves to be cooked tenderly and with care to preserve the red and juicy gift that is Rardin Grass-Finished Beef.

Our next processing date for these beeves is August 7th at Brothers Meats in Craig, Colorado. This beef will need to hang for a minimum of two weeks to age appropriately for optimal tenderness and flavor. So, you can expect this beef to be ready around the end of August/beginning of September. We are currently selling beef in quarters, halves, and wholes at $6/lb hanging weight. We expect these steers to weigh close to 400lbs hanging. To reserve part of one of these locally-produced and ethically raised beeves for your freezer, reply to this email, or send me a text, or give me a call and make sure to leave a voicemail! We were very excited to taste this beef, and to work with other producers who harbor the same values for the land, for the animals and for sharing quality food as we do. We are even more excited to share it with folks like you who care about the same things we do!

We hope you are getting the most out of your summer grilling season! -BJ and Chris

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