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Farm Fresh Lamb Available Now!

Our newest batch of grass-finished lamb is just in from the butcher, and it is delectable!

If you didn't know, 1 whole Icelandic lamb (our lambs average 35 lbs of meat once packaged) fits in the average freezer compartment of most common household fridge/freezer combos.

Icelandic lambs are smaller-framed than the average sheep breed. This means they are more efficient in our high-altitude climate and yield smaller cuts than the average store-bought lamb. This lamb is mild, smooth, and has a nice layer of grass-finished fat and marbling throughout the cuts.

We currently have ALL cuts of our grass-finished lamb In Stock.

You can order any of these tasty cuts by sending me an email at, sending me a text, or giving me a call at 307-399-4893, or you can head over to our website and place an order here: .

I deliver to Laramie on Tuesdays and Fridays with a $20 minimum order

and to Centennial on Sundays with a $20 minimum order.

Send me an email to inquire about deliveries to Cheyenne.

Our lamb is locally processed at 307 Meat Company where retail cuts are USDA Inspected and vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness and shelf-life in your freezer.

The most cost-effective way to buy our lamb is by hanging weight. The chance to purchase our lamb this fall in this way has passed, but you can still purchase whole processed lambs for a bulk price. Otherwise, our lamb sells by the pound based on the cut.

Here are the cuts we have available now:

Rack of Lamb: average price per package $18

This is a customer favorite! Awesome for searing then baking whole to retain maximum juiciness and tenderness. We order our racks "frenched" from the butcher (with the meat cut back from the bones) for ease of slicing into individual rib chops for individual servings.

Loin Chops: average price per package $9.50

One of our most tender cuts, these are the lamb equivalent of T-Bone steaks in beef. We recommend 2 loin chops per person when preparing a meal. Packaged 2 to a package and cut at 1" thick. These chops are small, but they pack a punch with their extreme tenderness, juiciness- almost buttery in flavor and texture, and marbling. One of my favorite cuts- but who am I kidding, I just Love lamb!

Sirloin Chops: average price per package $9

These are a slightly larger cut than the Loin Chops. Still tender and delicious. Packaged 2 to a package and cut at 1" thick. We recommend 1 to 2 of these chops to a person when preparing a meal.

Arm Chops: average price per package $9

These are a slightly larger cut than the Sirloin Chops. Still tender and delicious. Packaged 2 to a package and cut at 1" thick. We recommend 1 to 2 of these chops to a person when preparing a meal.

Blade Chops: average price per package $8

These chops vary quite a bit from package to package. Most are larger than the Sirloin Chops. These chops are great for marinating and grilling! Packaged 2 to a package and cut at 1" thick. We recommend 1 of these chops to a person when preparing a meal.

Leg Of Lamb Roasts: average price per package $60

Ah, this juicy and tender lollipop of a roast is ideal for special occasions or lseveral-serving dishes. We also ordered our leg roasts "frenched" this year for maximum retention of juiciness and flavor and for a showy centerpiece touch when plated. Don't forget to reuse those bones to make broth or provide a furry household member with a memento from the meal!

Leg of lamb is perfect for those times you want to braise a large chunk of meat in the oven for several servings of awesome grass-finished sustenance. Invite some guests over for a non-traditional, yet local and sustainable Thanksgiving Meal or concoct a grass-finished masterpiece that will provide meals for days to come. Great for baking whole or as the star of the show in fall-off-the-bone crock-pot dishes.

Ground Lamb: average price per package $14

The most versatile lamb cut of the bunch! Put some lamb burgers on the grill, or sear up some Greek lamb tacos with tzatziki sauce and cucumbers, or bake a warm dish of shepherd's pie- enjoy the first half now and freeze the other half for nights where cooking an extravagant meal just doesn't fit into the schedule.

Lamb Stew Meat (comes from the lamb leg): average price per package $18

Another versatile cut packed with flavor and tenderness. We had half of our lamb legs ut into stew meat this fall. These tender morsels make great lamb-kabobs, lamb stew, lamb burritos, lamb pot pie, and more. Easy to use in quick-searing recipes or slow roasting and baking recipes.

Lamb Fat: average price per package $6

Tired of the same old olive-oil and potatoes dish? Try frying up some vegetables in rendered lamb fat to take your veggies to a whole new level. I love the rinds left over once I have rendered the fat down as much as I can as well- you just can't beat delightful, grass-based fat!

Lamb Soup Bones: average price per package $7

Is it just me or is bone broth winter soup for the soul? My body works so much better when bone broth is a way of life. These lamb bones are cut so the bone marrow is exposed and will dissolve when cooked. Roast these bad boys in the oven for maximum flavor and then cook them with you favorite array of spices and salt to create the perfect, rich soup/curry/stew/sauce base your body craves!

Lamb Organ Meats (Heart, Liver, Tongue, Kidneys, AND Rocky Mountain Oysters!):

average price per package $4

There is nothing like grass-finished lamb liver slices atop a home-made herb pizza, or thin crispy lamb heart slivers to liven up a breakfast omelet, or thin sliced Rocky mountain Oysters seared in Lamb fat. Sheesh! I'm making myself hungry!!! Organ meats from young grass-finished animals have so much to offer in the way of nutrients and flavor. I don't think I could make it through the winter without good fresh organ meats!

These retail cuts sell out faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail, so don't wait to get your fresh lamb for this Fall/Winter.

Our next batch of fresh lamb will not be harvested until Spring of 2021.

Lamb orders in the next 2 weeks come with a free recipe card with instructions on our favorite way to prepare the cuts you purchase!

I look forward to chatting with you about fresh, grass-finished lamb soon!


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