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Fall Update: A Walk in the Woods and Happenings on the Farm

It's Fall my friend!

Are you loving this long, beautiful fall we are having?

I sure hope so!

I don't know how, but I found a couple hours to sneak into the woods and snap some photos of the changing aspen trees to share with you.

I hope these trees bring you peace and joy, like they do for me- every, single, year.

Meanwhile, on the Farm, things are starting to slow down.

The piglets Lucille had in June are getting SO big! I don't consider them piglets anymore.

Matilda (Lucille's daughter from last summer's litter) is due to have her first litter of piglets any day now. (Don't worry, I'll be sure to share some photos- if all goes well with her first farrowing!)

The sheep are grazing pastures that are starting to go dormant. The grasses offer a rich set of nutrients as they begin to store up starches in their root systems for the coming winter.

The chickens are beginning to lay paler-colored yolks as the pastures put themselves to sleep and their chicken-diets change.

Chris and I begin winter prep; cutting firewood and bringing it down off the mountain to our home for heating and cooking. We begin cleaning up and condensing our fencing and animal supplies for winter, and purchasing and transporting hay for the sheep and pigs when the pastures will be hidden under blankets of snow.

What do you do that is different in the Fall? Send me an email and tell me about it, I'm curious!

It seems no matter who or where we are, we are all shifting; in our jobs, in our rest patterns, and in our pace of life.

How beautiful is it that our lives ebb and flow with the seasons?

Another thing I have noticed that tends to shift for us, is our diet.

During the summer we eat lots of fresh produce from local farms and salads are a daily delight, but as we ease into fall we start to eat more squash, more beans, and more meat while we preserve what we can of the summer harvest by canning.

Our diet in the winter consists of a lot more meat than it does in the summer. I don't think this is a problem. I think our bodies have evolved with seasonal availability of food, and meat has been traditionally easier to store in Winter than in Summer. So, naturally, a locavore diet would include more preserved meat this time of year.

If you are looking to stock up on meat for this Winter, we can help!


I take lambs in to 307 Meat Company for processing on October 15th. I still happen to have a couple more lambs in this group that are available for purchase- custom-processed to your liking. Or you can always come out to the farm to process a lamb for yourself! Make sure to place a deposit and fill out a cut sheet if you want a lamb this Fall.

Send me an email at to reserve your lamb and start this process.

Our Icelandic Lambs yield tender meat with such a mild and smooth lamb flavor. It is the culprit for converting several past-lamb-haters I know into lamb-fans.

And, you can rest assured knowing that no part of these animals is wasted. I make sure to get every single bit of this harvest back from the butcher and make good use of each one- including the hides, skulls, organs, and even the hooves!

On to Pork!

We currently have a variety of pork cuts in stock, including....

Pork Chops


Sliced Fresh Side

Breakfast Sausage (Patties and 1 lb bricks)

Brats (Beer and Cheddar)

Ham Roasts

Ham Hocks

Cube Steaks

Diced Pork

Pork Fat

Organ Meats (Including Soup Bones and Pork Heads!)

And more!

I offer the above retail cuts sold-individually, and assembled into bulk pork packages (with discounted bulk pricing!)

Looking for a whole or half a pig? Get on our list for next Spring. We will be processing Pastured Mangalitsa/Berkshire Heritage hogs at 307 Meat Company starting in March.

Place a deposit through our online store: to hold your whole or half a hog from this coming Spring Harvest.

Now for Chicken...

I do have a couple of Broiler Chickens left, as well as chicken organ meats (livers, gizzards, tails, and feet) and a couple of soup birds (these are Wyoming-only products as our local cottage law does not allow us to ship animals we process ourselves across state lines).

And Last but not Least, BEEF!

We work with a couple local ranchers to source grass-finished, quality beef raised on ranches that follow standards as high as our own for low-stress animal handling, and great meat quality. We have custom-processed beef slot available this Fall and into the Winter. AND we currently have beef retail cuts, and steak, roast, and ground beef bundles available too.

Are you ready to keep your family full, and healthy this Winter without having to brave the icy roads and fluctuating grocery-store prices?

Let me know how we can help you feel more prepared for a Winter free from compulsive trips to the grocery store!

Send me an email at to place your order and have it delivered to your house for free within the State of Wyoming.

Happy Fall!

-BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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