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Exciting News! How to get in on our Bulk Beef Program in 2022

Hope you had a Merry Christmas weekend my friend!

I still haven't found out what attacked my sheep last week, but the ewe who was injured is still doing great!

I'm so grateful to have such hearty sheep. It takes some grit to live out here no matter what species you are.

And it also takes a village to live out here- especially during winter.

Speaking of that, every Holiday season we like to donate meal-kit boxes of our products to our community. Last year we donated 10 1-Chicken-1-Week Kits.

This year I would like to donate a whole Taste of the Wind CSA share, but each month in 2022, I want to give the CSA box to a different family.

I need your help to come up with a list of 12 families who could really benefit from a CSA box. Each box has a variety of our meats, some recipes, and a unique gift, and for these donated boxes I will include extra ingredients to help complete the recipes too.

Not everyone will benefit from a box like this. I don't want to force our products on a family who just doesn't have time to cook them- for example. So I am looking for 12 families who would really appreciate some pork, chicken, beef, lamb, raw-milk, honey, spices and things of this nature- to cook up for their loved ones to enjoy.

Do you know anyone who would really benefit from receiving one of these boxes in 2022?

We will give these boxes to families anonymously, so they will not know who recommended them to receive a box.

We can also ship these boxes all over the US (but they will only include the products we are allowed to ship out of state). So if you can give us a family name, a number of folks in the household (so we can send an appropriate amount of food), and an address/phone number- you will be helping us reach more folks who could just use a little extra help one month, in our community.

Want to chip in and help us reach more people with our donations?

You can send donations to my Venmo @bjbender123. Or you can send us a check: Taste of the Wind 124 Fox reek Road, Laramie, WY 82070.

Remember to put in the memo -2022 CSA Donation- and your contribution will go directly towards feeding another family this coming year.

Thanks for helping us give back to the community we love!

Unfortunately, Digital Blues, the company I am having print my Cookbooks had a family emergency and had to delay the printing of the books, so they will not be ready for a couple more weeks. Please keep the owners of Digital Blues in your thoughts/prayers this week!

If you ordered a Physical Copy, I will be happy to send you access to the Digital Copy- which allows you to view and download the book to any device, to get you by until the printed copies arrive.

Thanks for your patience on this!


Now for my Exciting Announcement!:

Have You "Herd"?! Our 2022 Herd Is Coming In! It's Time To Start Planning Your Beef Supply By Reserving Your...

​2022 Eighth, Quarter, Half & Whole Beef from our Select Herd or Premier Herd!

Mark Your Calendars, Deposits Go Live Jan 1st @ 6 AM

Why You Need To Get In On Our 2022 Bulk Beef

  • This is YOUR opportunity to get your hands on the best of our 2022 herd in bulk which will not be available to everyone at this price.

  • SAVE BIG with bulk pricing and be able to have a consistent supply of quality beef from a source you trust!

  • PLUS our commitment to you is to make buying beef in bulk so easy, affordable, and repeatable so you can consistently plan your beef supply year after year!

  • FREE SHIPPING right to your door! It doesn't get any easier than this!

Greener Pastures...Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, and for 2022 we know that will certainly be the case. It's hard to believe that Spring is right around the corner. Winter can seem long, but time really does fly and we are already raising your beef for you! Along with the warmer weather and birds chirping, comes the return of the heavenly grasses here in Southeast Wyoming.

I already can't wait, and I bet the cows feel the same, HAH!

It's our unique, nutrient-dense grasses, in Wyoming, that makes our beef so special. Cattle ranchers around the nation specifically ship their beef HERE because our high-mountain pastures are SO lush and nutritious in the spring and summer!

This summer, our 3 ranch partners will be grazing over 300 cattle on their ranches' best pastures in Centennial, Laramie, and Wheatland, Wyoming. These heritage-breed cattle will play their role in regenerating our healthy soils through their rotational grazing and natural fertilization, all resulting in the healthiest, most flavorful beef for you!

Stay tuned for photos of regenerative ranching in action, and in the meantime, check out this video to get to know one of our producers, Ed Sigel- with Centennial Valley Beef, and how what he does with his cattle is good for the Centennial Valley Ecosystem.

Our 2022 Herd Will Sell Out Fast!​ We have gained a lot of publicity and interest this year and we have a list of folks who have been waiting for our bulk beef launch. Now that Deposits are open, please don't wait to reserve your share of the 2022 herd.

Deposits Open Up Jan 1st at 6 AM!

The herd will be processed and delivered to you March-December of 2022. Our beef is first come first serve- so the sooner your reserve, the sooner you get your beef!

Don't miss out! ​ ​First Time Buying Beef From Taste of the Wind?

​ If you haven't ever bought from us then "Welcome!" . You are in the right place to have the best beef you have ever had! Here is what we offer!

  • Eighth Beef: 35 to 45 lbs. ~ Great variety of cuts to fit your needs with a small household size or limited freezer space!

  • Quarter Beef: 70 to 90 lbs. ~ Most popular.

  • A Half: 150 to 200 lbs. ~ Full array of cuts.

  • Whole Beef: 380 to 460 lbs. ~ Best value price.

Coming soon an exciting way that you can get Whole Beef pricing on the smaller options!!

But BJ, how am I supposed to know how much beef my family will need in 2022?

Check out this chart I made for you to help you decide which beef package will best fit your needs.

Ok great, but how am I supposed to know how much freezer space I will need for all this beef?

Would I ever leaving you hanging my friend?

I also created a chart (below) to help you figure out how much freezer space you will need to store your beef in 2022.

Ok, so what if I don't have enough freezer space?

No worries! You can place an order for multiples of our 1/8th or 1/4 beef packages ahead of time and schedule it out throughout the year to let us store your beef on-the-hoof for you!

How Bulk Beef Works?

We've made buying local grass fed beef easy, affordable, and repeatable.

Our delicious, dark, flavorful, and nutrient-dense grass fed and grass-finished ground beef!

A 1/8 of a beef package ranges 35 to 45 lbs.

  1. Bulk Beef Deposits are LIVE Jan 1st @ 6 AM!

  2. Choose between an Eighth, Quarter, Half or Whole Beef and place a deposit of about 50%.

  3. We continue to raise a healthy, grass-finished, all natural beef with your name on it, throughout the growing season in Southeast Wyoming.

  4. When your beef is ready for pickup from March through December, we contact you and either ship it or arrange an easy pickup!

  5. Fill Up Your Freezer with amazing, nutritious, and tasty beef!

  6. Savor the Grass-Finished, Wyoming-Raised difference~ the Taste of the Wind Difference!

​ ​That's it! With Taste of the Wind that easy to buy local beef and secure your beef supply with a local rancher!

Preview our 2022 Bulk Beef options!

Winter and Fall Select Beef Packages

Select Eighth Beef Deposit $150.00 ​See Details!

Select Quarter Beef Deposit $375.00 ​Best Seller!

Select Half Beef Deposit $775.00 ​See Details!

Select Whole Beef Deposit $1,499.00 ​See Details!

Spring, Summer, and Fall Premier Beef Packages

Premier Eighth Beef Deposit $200.00 ​See Details!

Premier Quarter Beef Deposit $400.00 ​Best Seller!

Premier Half Beef Deposit $800.00 ​See Details!

Premier Whole Beef Deposit $1,599.00 ​See Details!

What Folks Are Saying About Our Beef

"As a newcomer to the grass-finished beef world, I found the ribeye to be perfectly marbled with exceptional flavor (seasoned only with salt & pepper). It was also extremely tender when grilled to 135F. A perfect steak in my book."

- Ted C.

Laramie, WY

"I’ve bought from taste of the wind for a couple of years. I have visited and watched BJ and Chris working with their livestock and am impressed with their knowledge/hard work they put in. Always a pleasure doing business with them, I make sure to stock up to take my haul home to Illinois. So worth the work to get it home. Quality and taste are beyond amazing. Will continue to purchase from them as long as I am able."

-Rei K.

Chicago, IL

"Great beef product. Some of the best tasting beef I have had in a long time. Definitely will buy more in the future. Love it. Fast frozen and Great." ​- Patrick H.

Lake Havasu City, AZ​ ​

"Sustainable products raised with care. You can taste the difference in Taste of the Wind's products and they are much better than anything I’ve ever purchased in a grocery store." ​- Bri A.

Centennial, WY​ ​

Leave Us Your Own Google Review!

Why Is Taste of the Wind's Best Beef Actually The Best?

Good For Your Health, The Environment, & Your Wallet


The Secret Is In The Grass! ​ ​ At an elevation of around 8,000 feet our high country boasts over 60 varieties of grasses, herbs, forbs and sedges the cattle like and love to eat. The irrigated meadows (where our cattle graze and where our winter hay comes from) have a lot of timothy, garrison-grass, red top, brome, orchard grass, and clover bordered by strips of willow and cottonwood trees. The native dry-land range (where our cattle graze in the summer) is a mixture of sagebrush, aspens, short grasses including blue gramma, buffalo-grass, and Wyoming wheatgrass to name a couple. And don’t forget the importance of water! Our cattle drink from deep well water, mountain streams, and spring-fed ponds which makes a critical difference in the quality of Taste of the Wind's Beef. ​

​ ​Good Grass Makes Better Beef! Whether its an Eighth (35-45 lb.), Quarter (70-90 lb.), Half (150-200 lb.) or a Whole Beef (380-460 lb.) you will get a wonderful selection of these cuts!

​ ​STEAKS: Our premium steaks are dry-aged 14-21 days to enhance flavor and tenderness and then hand-cut and carefully packaged by an expert butcher, and delivered to you flash frozen to preserve the incredible flavor and ensure you enjoy the most flavorful steaks you've ever had. These heart-healthy Skirt, Flank, Sirloin Tip, Tri-Tip, Sirloin, New York, Ribeye & Tenderloin Filet steaks are loaded with Omega 3's, ALA, and CLA (nearly 5x more than grain-finished steak) and essential Vitamin A.

Our Premier Beef Packages Contain a Higher Ratio of these Steaks than our Select Beef Packages​ ​ ​SAVORY CUTS: Also in each bulk package is an ample amount of slow-cook tender cuts of short ribs, roasts, and brisket. When cooked slowly or in your oven, smoker or instant-pot these tough working muscles transform into falling-apart tender with the melted fat adding a rich and deep flavor. Long story short, these will literally melt in your mouth. If these are not currently among your favorite cuts they soon will be! ​

Our Premier Beef Packages Contain a Higher Ratio of these Savory Cuts than our Select Beef Packages

​ ​GROUND BEEF/STEW MEAT/KABOB MEAT: Last but certainly not least, we are putting in this essential kitchen staple. From burgers to hamburger steaks to stir-fry, meatloaf, and chili. The list is literally endless for this versatile cut of beef. Whatever you make your mouth is going to explode with flavor! An 80% lean blend of pure flavor for any quick and healthy meal!

Our Select Beef Packages Contain a Higher Ratio of Ground Beef than our Premium Beef Packages

HIDDEN GEMS: These are my personal favorites. They are packed with SO much flavor, yet hardly anyone has even heard of them! There are only 1-2 mock tender roasts, petit tender roasts, hanger steaks, flat irons, merlot steaks, and oyster steaks in every whole-beef. The only way to get all of these cuts is to order a whole-beef package. Any smaller beef package will have some of these awesome cuts, but not all of them. ​ ​THE EXTRAS! Did you know grass-fed soup bones are going for as much as $9/lb in stores?! We include your share of soup, broth, and dog bones for FREE! Along with a portion of organ meats - liver, kidney, heart, and tongue- if you want to take home these nutrient-dense meats with your beef package.

Stay Tuned for more about our Bulk Beef Buyer's Club, like FREE BONUSES that come with ordering your Taste of the Wind Beef, and how you can get even better pricing on your 2022 Bulk Beef Package.

I hope you had a great week and you got to enjoy some quality time with loved ones.

-BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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