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Does Your Freezer Look Like This...?

Does your freezer look like this?

Or is there some old, old, meat lurking at the bottom?

Weather you hunt, or raise your own meat, or purchase from a local farm or ranch, it's time to make room for this year's supply of meat.

You could feed that old meat to some very appreciative dogs - like ours…


You could reinvent that meat into something new!

This is what I did with a few bags of deer meat that didn't look the most appealing at the bottom of our freezer.

If you know me, you know I can’t waste anything so.... I made some seriously delicious ground sausage! Don't worry, our dogs still got some pieces here and there.

I have perfected this recipe over the past couple years and I think I finally have it down.

I mixed our questionable deer meat from last year's hunting season with some pork fat from our pigs and my favorite group of seasonings and VUALA!

It is the most versatile sausage!

It plays so well in many recipes- great for breakfast, perfect in spaghetti, awesome for burritos… the list goes on.

Check out:

And let me know if you try it! I would love your feedback.


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