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But...which came first?

The chicken? Or the egg? Well, we aren't really sure about that, but we do know eggs are one of the best things since before sliced bread! This time of year it is sooooo busy! I bet you can relate to the change of pace that Spring brings. The long days as we approach the Summer Solstice, that make you just want to stay outside as long as possible. This time of year it's easy to find ourselves eating dinner at 10 or 11pm. and breakfast sometimes just doesn't happen with the days starting earlier and earlier. And lunch, well lunch tends to get the shaft too... Time is definitely a scarce resource when it comes to Spring no matter who you are. You know the struggle, Ruth with all the time you have been spending outside and that Spring To-Do List, Eating Great Healthy Food can take last priority because well, there just isn't time to cook! You just can't be a hero in every aspect of your life every day... But, there is hope!

In comes the Egg. An energy-packed, yet low-calorie food choc full of nutrients to keep your energy up all day long so you can keep tackling these beautiful, yet long Spring Days. Did you know that free-range eggs are as much as 7 times higher in some nutrients than standard eggs you buy from the grocery store? And they are lower in fat and cholesterol! Don't believe me? Check out this study done in 2007 by Mother Earth News: I can't help but wonder how our eggs would compare in this study with the wide variety of feed our chickens get to consume on top of foraging out in Wyoming Pastures all year long. When it comes to preparation eggs are SO Fast! In just 6 minutes of prep time soft boiled eggs make the Perfect Snack for any time of day with a biodegradable wrapper! These store great in the fridge too for a grab and go refreshing golden morsel that you can prep in mass with no extra time added to the prep-work! In 4 minutes you can poach an egg in boiling water with barely any cleanup required. Poached eggs are fantastic on top of toast, in soup (you can just crack an egg in the soup as it's simmering), or on their own! For extra flavor and nutrients poach an egg in bone broth or some liquid that you boiled veggies in. Eggs make great topping for salads, home-made pizzas, breads of any sort. Our egg yolks are such a deep gold in the Spring and Summer that they turn any culinary creation you create a golden hue reminiscent of the Wyoming sunshine that helps keep our hens and pastures so happy. Are you ready for a food that is quick to prepare, full-of-nutrients, and can keep up with your jam-packed Spring? We deliver to Laramie twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) with a $20 minimum order. You can also find our eggs at the Big Hollow Coop, and 307 Meat Company. We will also be at the Centennial Open Air Market on Sunday afternoons starting May 30th! Whether or not they came first, our chickens can't wait to help you conquer the day with their fresh, free-range eggs! Have a great Spring weekend! -BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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