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Bulk Beef Deposits are LIVE Now! Don't miss out on Filling Your Freezer with Delicious Beef in 2022

Happy New Year my friend!!!

I hope your year is off to a great start, despite the negative-degree chill in the air!

Ours has been great so far!

Many people have asked me, “What did you do for the New Year?”

Well honestly we just kept doing what we do.

I didn’t sacrifice any sacred sleep to stay up for midnight, we didn’t drink champagne or watch fireworks on New-Year's Eve.

Luckily for us- the 1st was filled with plenty of day-work to help us pay the bills and save for our life goals in 2022 and beyond! Truth is, what we get to do everyday is special.

We get to serve others in ways that only we can, and isn’t that really what we are here for???

When I think back on the people I had the privilege of serving in 2021 I smile, but I also feel I have it in me to do much more.

Chris and I felt so grateful to kick off 2022 serving others, and I hope it is a year full of cheerful serving for us, and for you, from brim to brim.

Chris Rescuing the Chickens from the massive snow-drift their coop was buried in!

2022 Bulk Beef Deposits are Finally Open

and we have already sold a few!

Thank you to the early birds who are helping us and our ranchers plan ahead in the New Year. What a great way to start 2022!!!

As promised, It's time to announce the winner of the Celebratory Bulk Beef Launch Giveaway!

Check your email to see if you won our December Giveaway...

Your box will ship out to you on Friday! We hope you sincerely enjoy the 20lbs of free beef!

I will announce our January Giveaway next week- Stay-tuned for even more free products from Taste of the Wind!

If you think our Bulk Beef Buyers' Club is exciting,

wait until you read THIS:

Want Whole Beef Pricing But Not A Whole Cow?

Become A Whole Beef Community Coordinator!

I'm In, I Want Whole Beef Pricing!

We saw a huge demand last year for people wanting to go in on a whole beef with some of their family members or friends so they could get the whole beef pricing! So this year we are making it super easy for those of you who have a large circle and want to save even bigger on your bulk beef package! ​ By going in on a whole beef with members of your community, everyone can save at least $50 on 1/8th of beef! ​ When you sign up to be a Whole Beef Community Coordinator we will send you a private pricing link that you can easily share with your circle of friends & family members!

The best way to SAVE BIG on bulk beef is to share it!

What Is The Whole Beef Community Coordinator Program ?

​ ​Its so easy!

  1. Fill out the form here.

  2. Get a link that you can share with all your friends & family.

  3. Share your link and purchase your share of the beef at the whole-beef price.

  4. We take care of all the logistics!

That's A No Brainer, Sign Me Up!

Benefits Of Being A Coordinator

  • You get the absolute lowest price on the highest quality beef.

  • You get to share in a whole beef with friends and family (which is such a fun experience!) But also furthers the mission of environmentally responsible beef

  • No having to split the whole beef up yourself. Everything Comes equally pre-split

  • You and family members get to enjoy THE BEST beef that you trust from a local sustainable ranch!

  • No messy logistics, everyone can just place their own individual order under your affiliate link.

  • Share with your friends and family that live outside of the state because they get FREE SHIPPING!

  • Enjoy a FREE 10lbs of beef on us for taking on the coordinator role!

I'm Ready, Let's Get Started

How It Works

Sign Me Up!

  1. Sign up to be a Community Whole Beef Coordinator and designate a convenient pickup location.

  2. We will send you a private link that you can easily share with your friends & family!

  3. Reserve as many pre-divided whole-beef packages as you would like with this method and receive the Whole Beef Price for each one- SAVINGS of at least $50 per box!!!

  4. Each whole beef package is split into eight boxes. Each box is our standard pre-split Eighth (two boxes make up a Quarter, Four make a Half, Eight make a Whole) We split it up - you and your group pick it up... super simple!

  5. Each box has a deposit of $200 with the final variable amount due when the beef is ready in March-Dec timeframe.

  6. Your members can choose to pick up at your designated community pickup location (We deliver/ship to the coordinator, for a beef pick up party) or choose shipping to each individual for an extra $50/box.

The deadline to have all 8 of your boxes sold is March 1st. The whole beef must be sold to get the Whole Beef Price!

​ ​We know that this will require time and effort on your part even though it is easy to do for folks like you, so we will add an additional gift of 10 lbs. of additional beef cuts to thank you for your effort!​ ​ That's It... Easy-Peasy!

I will check in with you periodically to see how things are going and if you have any questions. Please feel free to reach out anytime. This offer requires a MINIMUM of one WHOLE beef - 8 boxes to be ordered by your community.

Get Signed Up!

​ "It makes splitting a whole cow easier and no one has to front the money for a deposit or lay the whole beef out on the lawn and divide it up LOL!"

-Lacie P. Colorado Springs CO

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

Nah, I'd Rather Just Grab A Bulk Beef Package Without the Commitment

Reserve your Quarter, Half, or Whole Cow HERE!

Now with Free Bones & Organs!

We give all our bulk beef customers free soup and marrow bones, and nutrition packed organ meats! (Up to a $155 Value )

OH YES WE DID! Delicious soup bones, beef heart, liver, kidneys, and tongue are all yours for FREE when you order in before March 1st ($155 value)

We have LESS THAN TWO MONTHS until deposits close March 1st at Midnight, for this one-of-a-kind beef! ​ All Yours For FREE When You Order Today! Oooooo I want Free Bones & Organs!

Remember: If you get your bulk beef deposit purchased by January 7th at midnight you get a double entry to our 'Meat'-Your-Rancher-Experience giveaway!

Your Options: Premier and Select Bulk Beef Packages: Eighth Beef, Quarter Beef, Half Beef, or Whole Beef

​ ​EACH BOX from the SELECT HERD HAS APPROXIMATELY​ 60% Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs 15% Savory Cuts: Roasts, Stew Meat, Brisket, Short Ribs 10% Steaks: Skirt, Flank, Sirloin, Rib Eye, New York and Tenderloin Filets

15% Brats

EACH BOX from the PREMIUM HERD HAS APPROXIMATELY​ 40% Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs 30% Savory Cuts: Roast, Stew, Brisket, Ribs 30% Steaks: Skirt, Flank, Sirloin, Rib Eye, New York, Tenderloin Filets, Oyster, Flat Iron, Merlot, _____________________________________

Our beef is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Eighth Beef 35 - 45 lbs. ​Great for first timers! $200 Deposit & Just 1 Box

Grab An Eighth Beef

  • How Big Is It? If you are single or just want to tip-toe in and see what the grass fed experience is all about? This is for you. The average boxed weight is around 40 pounds requiring about 1.75 cubic feet of freezer space; this will easily fit in any standard fridge/freezer.

  • Featured Cuts: Include approximately 9 lbs. roasts and/or brisket, 5 lbs ribeye steaks, 2 lbs Korean style ribs, 4 lbs assorted steaks, 2 lbs sirloin steaks

  • 2 lbs top sirloin steak, 1 lbs tenderloin steak, 3 lbs NY Strip, 2 lbs shank, 2 lbs stew meat, 10 lbs ground.

  • Cost: Total Cost is $500 Select $650 Premier - Deposit is $200 @$11/lb packaged weight

The Quarter Beef 70-90 lbs. ​Most Popular! $400 Deposit & 2 Boxes

Grab A Quarter Beef

  • How Big Is It? A Quarter Beef will feed a family of two eating beef for about a year. This pack requires about 3 to 4 cubic feet of freezer space. These cuts are packed in user-friendly single cut or 1 lb. packages.

  • Featured Cuts: Premium Ground Beef: 30-40 lbs in convenient 1 lb packages 80/20 blend, Savory Cuts: 6-8 Roasts; 3lbs stew meat in convenient 1 lb packages; 4-8 Cross Cut Shank individually packaged; and one or two of the following 'odd cuts', too few for every box

  • Cost: Total Cost is from $950 Select $1250 Premier- Deposit is $400 and is $10.50/lb packaged weight.

The Half Beef 160 - 190 lbs. ​Best Option For A Family Of 4! $800 Deposit & 4 Boxes

Get A Half Beef

  • How Big Is It? A Half Beef will feed a family of four for about a year. In this pack you get EVERY single cut a beef has to offer! This pack requires about 6 to 8 cubic feet of freezer space. These cuts are packed in user-friendly single cut or 1 lb. packages. Your beef is PRE-DIVIDED into 4 boxes for easy sharing with family, neighbors and friends!

  • Featured Cuts: cuts include about 60-80 lbs of premium Ground Beef in convenient 1 lb. packages. Savory Cuts: 12-16 Roasts; 4 packs of stew meat in convenient 1 lb packs; and ALL of the following 'odd cuts': Brisket; & Korean Style Ribs. 14 day dry-aged Steaks: 8 Sirloins; 12 New York Steaks; 10 Rib Eyes; 8 Tenderloin Filets; and ALL of the following 'odd cuts': Mock Tender, Petit Tender, Skirt, Flank, Picanha & Tri-Tip.

  • Cost: Total Cost is $1900 for Select $2500 for Premier - Deposit is $800 @ $10/lb packaged weight.

Go Whole Beef! 360 -380 lbs. ​This option is the best value. We make it easy with the Coordinator Program because we will divide the beef into eighths for you to easily split.​ ​ ​$1500 Deposit & 8 Boxes

Get A Whole Beef

  • How Big Is It? A Whole Beef will keep a large family who enjoys beef often fed for a year. Our heavy-duty cryo-vac packaging completely protects the beef for an indefinite period of time. We have experimented and had beef last for 3 years in the freezer so far with no effect on quality. In this pack, you get EVERY single cut a beef has to offer! This pack requires about 12 to 16 cubic feet of freezer space. These cuts are packed in user-friendly single cut or 1 lb. packages.

  • Featured Cuts: Premium Ground Beef: 130-180 lbs in convenient 1 lb. packages 80/20 blend Savory Cuts: 20-25 Roasts, 8 packs of stew meat in convenient 1 lb. packs, and ALL of the following 'odd cuts': Brisket, Korean Style Ribs.14 Day Dry Aged Steaks: 16 Sirloins, 25 New York Strips, 18 Rib Eyes, 16 Tenderloin Filets, and ALL of the following 'odd cuts': 4 Skirt Steaks, 2 Oyster, 6 Flat Irons, 2 Mock Tender Roasts, 2 Petit Tender Roasts, 1 Hanger Steak, 2 Flank, 2 Picanha Roasts & 2 Tri-Tip.

  • Cost: Total Cost is $3,500 for Select and $4000 for Premier - Deposit is $1,499 @ $9.25 per lb. packaged weight.

Or Become a Coordinator and Save!

​ ​Best Pricing! Save up to $50 per box by splitting a whole beef. Instead of fronting a $1500 Deposit just reserve your share and have your friends and family get their share!

Become A Whole Cow Community Coordinator & Split A Whole Beef

Each Person Can Choose How Many Boxes They Want @ Our Whole Beef Price!

Winter and Fall Select Savings

  • Eighth = 1 box: save $62

  • Quarter = 2 boxes: save $74

  • Tri-Pack = 3 boxes: save $112

  • Half = 4 boxes: save $148

Spring, Summer, and Fall Premium

  • Eighth = 1 box: save: $150

  • Quarter = 2 boxes: save $250

  • Tri-Pack = 3 boxes: save $375

  • Half = 4 boxes: save $500

~All at the whole beef price! ~

What are others saying about their bulk beef packages?

​ ​Steven G. Laramie, WY ️️️️️ ​ "We could not be happier with our bulk beef package from BJ and Chris. It feels great to purchase products from ranchers we trust and the team at Taste of the Wind exemplifies the reason why doing your own thing is a blessing. Quality products. Quality people. The right choice right here in Wyoming. #homegrown #tasteofthewind #whereitbegins"

​ ​Emma B. Louisville, KY ️️️️️ ​ "Great products! The beef is so flavorful. It makes such a huge difference when it comes from small producers like Taste of The Wind. Direct from the ranch and shipped to you!"

​ ​Michael E. Hermiston, OR ️️️️️ ​ "Great service and great products! Variety is good, they even have stuff for my dogs. The beef tastes great! Would highly recommend to anybody wanting to buy high quality meat from local ranchers." ​ ​Abbie E. Longmont, CO ️️️️️ ​ "I've decided to go vegetarian, with the exception of meat products from Taste of the Wind. Not only do I know the animals have lived happy sustainable lives, the meat also tastes incredible. I have first hand experience seeing how much space their animals have, and it's not like anything you can find from commercial farming. Other things to love: the owners use every bit of their animals, nothing gets wasted." ​

Why Is Now The BEST Time To Order Beef?

Have you ever heard that when you harvest fruit at peak season, that not only does it taste better, but it also has a higher nutritional value? Well, the same is true for grass-finished beef. At Taste of the Wind, our Team of Ranchers works with Mother Nature, rather than against her, and we are rewarded with the most tender, juiciest, most flavorful beef on the planet!

For this reason, we have two herds a year; Premier and Select. Our Premier are our "prized steers" as the saying goes.

Why? These steers and heifers are harvested at peak season after they have been grazing on our delicious, nutrient-packed, High-Mountain grasses for an extended period of time. This means more weight gain over a longer time frame. All the exercise they get being out on open pasture brings tenderness and flavor to the meat.

AND before we take our cattle to the processor, they are also inspected and evaluated. Inspected by our expert ranchers and evaluated for the perfect harvesting age, the perfect physical fitness for harvesting, and the perfect weight and fat-finish for harvesting.

Anything less than perfect stays on pasture to gain more marbling and flavor as a mature beef- this makes up our Select herd. Older animals that have a more mature flavor and fat content. We call it double-aging, or aging-on-the-hoof.

Our Select herd yields a beef with a slightly different, yet wonderful flavor and a darker-yellow, beta-carotene-rich, grass-finished fat. Some folks argue that mature animals make more nutrient-dense beef that tastes better than the beef from younger animals, so we are offering beef from our Select herd for the first time ever in 2022- at a discount- so you can try this beef out and let us know what you think!

Why You'll Love Taste of the Wind's Beef

  • 100% grass-fed and finished beef—Nature’s purest protein!

  • Naturally raised in Southeast Wyoming, where the grass grown here is sought after nationwide. The nutrients given to cattle raised for Taste of the Wind are unmatched.

  • ​Dry Aged for 14 days for maximum tenderness and flavor

  • Processed by expert butchers at our local USDA Facility- 307 Meat Company. WY Ranch Foods and Atlas Meats

  • ​Raised on high-mountain pastures by families you can trust in Southeast Wyoming.

  • ​FREE Copy of our New Cookbook we wrote just for Bulk Beef Buyers

  • Free Organs & Bones Worth $155.00

  • ​Rushed right to your door first-come-first-serve With FREE Shipping or Delivery!

Some FAQ's

Q: What is included in the price?

​ Everything! We quote final weight. That includes the dry age process, butcher costs, packaging into freezer-safe vac sealed bags, our cookbook sent to you, and if you prefer- your beef shipped to you for free! Most ranchers charge for hanging weight (which is around $4- $5/lb). That means you pay for the carcass with bones and before it dry ages and looses more weight. Then they add processing & butcher fee onto that. At the end of the day your final price after processing averages out to around $10 to $15/lb. We simplify this and make it totally transparent for you by just charging for final packaged weight and skipping the mystery of hanging weight plus processing.

We've been selling beef directly to consumers for a long time now and we know the nuances of processing fees, butchering costs, and packaging costs. We bring you transparent, up front pricing that you don't have to guess over. Plus we are very competitive! Anywhere you go your final weight will be in the ball park of our price per lb. especially for 100% Grass-Finished Beef.

And we promise you won't find quality, tenderness, or flavor like ours anywhere else! ​ ​Q: Why is grass-fed beef healthier than conventional beef?

​ It's almost easier to answer this by telling you what is NOT in your beef. There is not 2000+ other animals mixed together in your ground beef. There is no pink slime, preservatives, steroids, antibiotics, hormones. There are no exploitation of workers, mistreatment of animals, or theft of land-use and depletion of natural resources. You are simply purchasing pure and clean beef made from natural Wyoming grasses, fresh-air, hard work, and sunshine! ​ Q: When will I receive my bulk beef share?

​ We harvest beef throughout the growing season March through December. You will be able to select which part of the growing season you would like to purchase beef from. This program is designed for folks wanting to have a beef supply that will last them all winter until next beef harvesting season. ​ Q: Where are you located?

​ Taste of the Wind is located near Centennial Wyoming. Our 3 Ranches/Grass-Finished Beef Operations that we work with: Centennial Valley Grass-Finished Beef, Rardin Beef, and Balzan Beef are located in Centennial, Laramie, and Wheatland, WY. Our beef is born, grazed, and processed all within a 100 mile radius in Southeast WY. ​ Q: Why is there a March 1st deadline to order?

​ Everything about grass-finished beef is driven by the seasons. Since the COVID Pandemic, we have to have our butcher dates scheduled at least 1-year-in-advance to guarantee processing dates for our beef. We also have to purchase hay for the winter months at least 6 months in advance. Cattle typically spend almost 2 years on the ranch before they are ready for harvest. That means your beef for 2022 has been in the works for over a year already! Isn't that amazing?!

Having all of our orders in by March 1st helps us to submit our plans to expert butchers by the deadline they need to make their plans. Our expert butchers take our cattle through their craft processing system at 307 Meat Company in Laramie, Wyoming. Skilled meat cutters, heavy-duty vac packaging, and our personal relationship with the crew make all the difference for you! ​ This is an exciting way to source your food because you are setting yourself up for really tasty beef that you also have complete confidence in. At the same time, you and your family are learning more about beef production and supporting regenerative agriculture and Wyoming family businesses who put the environment first, benefitting every other creature associated with it including you! ​ Q: Can I customize my order?

​ We do not offer customizations but rather apply our Taste of the Wind cut Template that has been perfected over the last 5 years of selling bulk beef. We do this because we have found custom cutting is often overwhelming for our customer and causes more problems than it solves. Our template cut sheet is the perfect ratio of dry aged steaks, slow cooker and savory cuts like roasts, and the perfect amount of stew meat and ground beef. Keeping everything the same for everyone helps us to deliver your product in a timely manner as well. Keeping things simple prevents your beef order from being pushed towards the back end of the processing because of all the customizations. The section above titled "your options" breaks down what comes in each bulk beef package.

I'm Ready! Let's Fill My Freezer

New To Taste of the Wind?

Try out a sample of our premium grass-finished beef!

Get Your Grass-Finished Beef Sampler Package Here!

We are honored to be your Farmers and Ranchers.

When it comes to what you eat- you get what you pay for.

Quality, transparency, health and convenience ~ a few of the benefits of Taste of the Wind products!

We can't wait to serve you in 2022.

Happy New Year my Friend!!!

-BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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