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As Promised...

Ahh Spring!

Do you love it or do you hate it? Sometimes getting back in the Spring swing can be a bit exhausting, especially for Moms! In light of Mothers' Day I wanted to share some photos of my favorite mothers and their adorable babes.

Hope these cute lamb photos can bring a Spring busy-bee like you a moment of peace and joy.

In my experience, nothing makes people smile as fast as watching lambs bounce around on their new legs...

A lot of us have lost Mothers, Grandmothers, and Great Grandmothers this past year. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster and continuing life without these important matriarchs in our lives proves difficult some days. It can feel like a weight or even a great responsibility to carry on the legacy of these amazing women, whether they were of our blood or not. I hope you take this challenge with honor and you are able to smile through the tears of the memories of these women this weekend. I feel lucky because these sheep remind me on a daily basis what it really means to be a mother. I hope they do this for you too. I hope they inspire you and spread gratefulness for the cycle of life and the honor it is to have mothers of all kinds in our hearts and in our lives. Don't forget to tell those incredible Mothers in your life, 'Thank Ewe' this weekend!

And... If you want a little help finding a special gift for a special Mom in your life this Sunday? Mom's don't want new vacuums...but Pastured Berkshire Pork chops cooked to perfection; yes, Pork Chops are a different story.

One of Chris's Mom's favorites is TOTW Pork Chops with and Apple or Apricot Glaze. You can find the recipe for this here: Check out our online store for some inspiration and unique gifts you can't find anywhere else.

We've got a variety of lamb and pork cuts available AND we have some new things too, like Raw Sheep Milk, Sheep Skulls, Hand Tanned Sheep Hides, Home-Made Dryer Balls, and Home-Made Sheep Tallow/Milk Soaps. Think a special Mother in your life would like some of these Taste of the Wind goods? I would be honored to put together a box and deliver/ship it to arrive on Mother's Day. Check out these goodies here: http:// This week is also the last week to get a whole or half a pork cut to your liking. We won't have pork wholes and halves available again until next winter. Send me an email if you want to reserve your own whole or half a hog to stock your freezer for the summer! Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Mother's Day! -BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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